Empowering MORE Possibilities


Business is all about changing and adapting to fluctuating markets and the whims of customers. We are no different. Over the years Chorus Executive has changed and adapted when necessary, finding new and innovative ways to empower our clients and candidates. We know that right now, is the right time to mix things up!

As a recruitment business we’ve always endeavoured to empower possibilities for clients and candidates through the hiring process. Creating powerful and profitable connections between great companies and top talent is what we do best. We’re passionate about our work and aren’t going to stop. In fact, we plan to do even more!

Through the recruitment process we have only been able to help the individual and a select group within the hiring organisation. We want to empower more people, help them find roles they love, doing work they’re passionate about and helping them create the career of their dreams. To do this we’re putting our Coaching and Branding services into overdrive, while we continue to connect employers and candidates through our recruitment service.

Coaching and Branding takes us outside of the recruitment process that we’ve been limited to. Allowing us to work with any and all individuals - not just jobseekers or hiring managers. We have the chance to build confidence in individuals before their job interview. We can work to motivate a new team leader or empower the manager taking on a big project. We are not confined by the process any more.

Our Coaching methodology focusses on understanding the key issues that restrict performance or impede career success.

For our Branding service we developed ‘RAISE,’ a methodology to help build the profile of leaders. This in turn drives employer branding, engagement and attracts new opportunities and talent.

Based on 5 key principals 'RAISE' includes:

  1. Research & Reflection – understanding the key attributes that will build your leaders unique profiles.
  2. Amplification – development of tools and processes to build and amplify your brand.
  3. Individual approach – we take a 1:1 approach as everyone’s brand is unique
  4. Strategy – we develop a customised content strategy and personalised content for each individual
  5. Embed - through education we embed behaviours that ensure individuals have the tools to continue building their own brand.

These services aren’t new to Chorus Executive. We know the market is now ready to embrace a company that is more than just a recruitment agency. And our results speak for themselves.

There are exciting times ahead as we grow these areas of the business. And while there may be more changes yet to come, we say bring it on, because can’t you imagine the possibilities?

Ready to be empowered? Contact Chris by email or (03) 9698 8700.