Here's to our Future Leaders!

When I was building my career, it was somewhat easier than what young professionals have to make do with today.  Because people tended to stay in businesses for much longer, I always had a sense of stability in my managers.  I stayed in my role long enough and they stayed in their role long enough to offer me development, training and mentoring. 

Now that businesses experience lower tenure and people are likely to change jobs more frequently than in the past, young professionals don’t experience the same stability of management. Their access to mentors and development opportunities is a little more complex.  With the increase in internal recruitment as opposed to external, there is also less advice and career guidance for professionals these days – regardless of age and experience!

In our current marketplace, it is imperative for our younger workers, our future leaders, to know how to manage their own careers.  They are simply not learning these skills organically and will therefore need to invest in this area to take control of their own development. 

This is why Chorus Executive is proud to announce the launch of our Future Leaders Program.
Future Leaders is a five module program aimed at people who are in the first few years of their professional life. We have specifically designed this program to help give clarity of direction to young professionals. 

The areas covered include an in depth look at the employment market, personal branding tips, how to build a toolkit for your career, how to land your perfect role and how to review your career and create a support network.

These valuable modules will be facilitated by me personally, as well as Natasha Hosein, a career management consultant who has worked in both internal and external recruitment for the last ten years, and Andrew Ford, personal branding expert and Director of Social Star.

If you know someone who you think will benefit from this program please feel free to forward this to them.  More information can be found here.

The future of our businesses depends on our future leaders. Let’s help them get the right start to their careers.