Confidence in the New Year

It’s a very interesting time at the moment. If you read what leading economists are predicting about our economy, there is a lot of doom and gloom.  Business confidence is supposed to be at its lowest level since mid-2013 and consumer confidence isn’t faring well either. There is a fear that as confidence levels drop, people are less likely to invest and employ.

This is the opposite of what we are seeing and experiencing in the market!

The last two months have been full of optimism, with many clients planning for 2015 to be a year of growth.  We have experienced first-hand through our offering of coaching and personal branding services, an increase in demand for staff development as part of the retention strategies of many companies.

December is usually a month of little movement within recruitment; however we saw a dramatic increase in newly created roles and in expansion strategies for the New Year. 

Chorus Executive has also put in place optimistic plans for 2015, expanding our business and adding on more personnel. From our perspective, the 2015 outlook does not appear so full of doom and gloom.  We’re excited to start this New Year off with positivity and a lot of energy!

So on behalf of the Chorus Executive team, we wish a Happy New Year to all our clients and candidates! We hope that 2015 is a year of growth, learning, fun and success for all of you.