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Do You Love What You Do?

The end of the year is a few weeks away. As things begin to wind down it's a good time to take stock of your career, reflecting on the year that's been and your goals for the year ahead. Take a moment to ask yourself these questions: Do I love what I do? Am I happy and fulfilled at work? Do I feel valued?

Here at Chorus Executive we're great believers in doing what you love. We love what we do, so we work closely with our candidates to help them find their dream job. A job where they feel ENGAGED, VALUED and have a sense of PURPOSE, can make work a great place to be. 

Loving what you do is ESSENTIAL. We spend 50% of our waking hours at work, if you aren’t happy there you won’t be happy away from the office. When you don't love your work, at least 75% of the time (nowhere is ever going to be 100% perfect) life is not fun. Finding happiness in your work will extend throughout the rest of your life, outside of the office.

Of course, there are always obstacles stopping us taking a leap, to find a role we love. Do these sound familiar? I don’t know what I am passionate about. I can’t afford to do what I’m passionate about, it doesn’t pay enough.  I will be able to pursue my passions when “I have enough money.” I’m scared to take such a big risk!  I don’t know how!

Don’t know what you’re passionate about? Use the Peeplmatch Skills and Passions Wizard to help you discover your passions. Too scared to take the risk or take a pay cut? Ask yourself what you would be willing to give up to be happy? A few extra meals at home, carpooling or delaying a trip overseas, are these things too much to change for happiness at work?

We are seeing a distinct move by our candidates this year. Increasingly our candidates are willing to take a 10 – 20% decrease in pay for work that they love.

After all, life is too short to not love what you do!

So, as 2016 ends ask yourself, “Do I love what I do?” 

If the answer is yes, FANTASTIC! What is it that you love about your job? Note your achievements over the last year and what you are most proud of. These are great things to add to your LinkedIn profile to share the love.

 If the answer is no, perhaps 2017 is the year to do something about it. Take the time to complete the Peeplmatch Wizard and our Dream Job Assessment Guide. These will help to identify the role that's right for you. Chorus Executive can also offer you Career Coaching, contact us for further information.