G.R.O.W. Your Business


Sustained business growth is on the list of goals for many small to medium sized business in 2019. Setting yourself up for success is never easy and when you’re juggling teams, stakeholders, clients, customers, product and looking to grow it gets even harder. So where to start? 

This is our G.R.O.W methodology to help you build and grow your team and business this year.


In its simplest form what is the vision for your team, your organisation? What is it you’re trying to achieve?

At this stage you need to:

  • Identify your objectives, whether they are for your team or your entire organisation

  • Write down the goals of your business and the goals for your team.

Once you’ve set your goals you need to work out how to achieve them. Remember it is also important to share your vision with your team. The more they know and buy in to where you are going as an organisation the more engaged your team will be.  

Research & Reality

Think about what resources you have to achieve your goals. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What does the company need to achieve our goals?

  • Do you have the financial resources to achieve these goals?

  • What do my team need?

  • What are we missing?

  • Do you need more people? If so what roles do they need to fill? List the essentials for the role. 

Be brutally honest with yourself about every aspect of this stage. If you aren’t honest, how can you possibly assess your resources and reality in relation to what you want to achieve.


This is a chance to think out of the box and look for opportunities to innovate. Flexibility can be a game changer, so think creatively about:

  • Can you train your existing team to fill skills gaps?

  • Can you make changes internally to the organisation that will help achieve your goals?

Your options depend very much on your goals, so think through all your options before committing to a strategy.


In business, wouldn’t it be great if every relationship, every transaction was a win-win? We all know that any successful relationship is both give and take. Examine your goals for 2019 and ask yourself:

  • How does this benefit the organisation?

  • What benefits do my customers/clients receive from these goals?

  • Do my team benefit and have the opportunity to grow and further their careers within the organisation?

If you can’t make every situation a win-win, make sure that your plans and goals for growth in 2019 are!

The G.R.O.W process is a great way to start planning and strategizing for meeting your 2019 goals. Take some time to go through the G.R.O.W process to help you define and clarify where you want to take your team and your business this year. After that it’s all in your hands and your ability to follow through for your team and your organisation. 

Need help with planning for your team and your organisation? Check out our Consulting and Recruitment Services for further information on how we can help you achieve your goals this year!