I'm Coming Out, I want the world to know....

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On Wednesday I went to see Cher and she was amazing. At 72, she owns who she is, no apologises, no shame, fishnets, butt showing and all.  Whilst waiting for her to come out they played the song I'm coming out by Diana Ross and it has been playing in my head ever since.

This morning as I went for my morning and I realised that I need to come out and own myself. I need to stop hiding the real me.

I have been living a lie, I have lied to myself, to my husband, to my clients, to my friends and family and now I need to stop lying and come out.

I, Christine Khor, finally acknowledge that I am not perfect.

1.      I am not the perfect wife. There have been times when I have taken out my bad moods on my husband for no reason and accepted his apology when I know I am the one in the wrong.

2.      I am not the perfect mother. There have been times when I have let TV and iPad be the baby sitter and McDonalds has cooked dinner. I have also left the youngest in the car accidentally twice. The second one always gets less attention!!!

3.      I am not the perfect business woman. Even though I have been a Telstra Business Woman Finalist over the years I have made strategic and tactical mistakes in my business – some small and some not so small.

4.      I am not always perfectly healthy. There are times when I substitute gym and salad for binge watching Netflix. And referring back to imperfection point No 1, it is not “Netflix and Chill”, it is Netflix and a big bag of Honey Soy Chips – although I will always share.

5.      I am not the perfect leader. There have been times when I have made poor decisions and I have not managed situations or people well.

6.      I am not a perfect person. There are times that I get angry, when I get jealous, where I don’t answer the phone because I am too busy focusing on me,  my house is a real mess and sometimes my children even have to wear non-matching socks to school.

Wow, what I relief to get that off my chest. It has been really hard pretending that I am perfect all the time. But what I have realised is that even with all this imperfection I have loyal clients who I have worked with for years, a team of people around me who are passionate about what we are building together, a husband who tells me he loves me every day, children who are kind, adventurous and interesting people and friends and family who will support me in a second if I need them. I am still lovable and deserving even though I am not perfect. I am still a good person.

If I disappoint you, if you are a perfect person and can only associate with perfect people, I apologise but I need to me.

If you, like me, have been living a lie and have been hiding your imperfections take the brave step today to come out. Accept yourself and breathe.

Tell your spouse or partner that you are not perfect – they might have had a hint but who knows. Tell your team that you can sometimes make mistakes, tell your children that mummy or daddy doesn’t know everything, and when you are rushing around cleaning your house to create home beautiful embrace your inner imperfection and Netflix and ………. your choice Chill or bag of Honey Soy Chips.

Have a wonderful imperfect Friday. I know I will. And to get you started listen to this!