How bad feedback made me happy...


Yesterday I met with a client who gave me some bad feedback. He has been trialling our new platform and it was truth time. What's working and what's not? I wanted to hear it all.

When he came in he opened his notebook and I could see lines and lines of neat writing. At first, I was impressed - I wish I had neat writing. But then it struck me - this could all be bad!.

Being an entrepreneur is like being a parent. When we are building our businesses, we put our heart and soul into what we are doing. It is personal, it is our passion and it is not just a job - so feedback can be hard to take. After all, no-one wants to be told their child is ugly, right?

I took off my defensive hat and put on my inquisitive, listening hat and it was a joy. Listening without being defensive meant that I learnt many things. Firstly, I learnt about a few annoying things that we could fix quickly, I learnt some things that I hadn't even considered, I learnt some things that we can't and don't want to change and the best thing of all...I learnt that what we are doing is on track.

"I found the exercises hard and they made me think. I found them difficult. Is there a way we can make it easier?". was created to bring affordable coaching to everyone. We all need help, especially in our career, and although the current method of coaching is very effective the "one to one" approach is very expensive and not accessible to everyone. When we created the platform one of our concerns was, "Would the participants still be challenged?", and the answer is yes.

So, although I was told that my child wasn't quite as perfect as I thought, my child was still pretty amazing and has a very bright future. is a human-driven career health and well-being platform which combines interactive online exercises and face to face coaching with Master Coaches (real people!). We are currently in Beta Trials so if you would like to be part of this trial and give me some bad feedback to make me smile please contact me on