2017 – The year to get what you want!

Is your year starting like ours here at Chorus Executive? Our 2017 is off to a flying start. With the pace of the world and the year already ramping up, it's hard to keep track of the goals you made only a few weeks ago. Let alone make a plan to accomplish them. Before the year, your schedule and your workload get out of control you need to make a plan to get what you want out of your career and your team this year.

Knowing what you want is only the very first step. Whether you are a manager, employer, team member or employee, knowing how you are going to get what you want and achieve your goals is essential for success.  After all, how can you create a great plan if you don’t know your destination? So, make the time to make a plan.

Everyone has heard of SMART goals, at Chorus we make plans for reaching our goals using our GROW methodology. GOALS, RESEARCH & REALITY, OPTIONS, WIN-WIN.

Step 1 – Goals

By the start of February, you should’ve worked out your goals. If they are for you, for your team or for your company – you should know exactly what you want to achieve this year.

Set short term goals. 30 days and 90 days are great markers. Then look at longer term goals. What do you want to achieve by the end of the financial year? What do you want to achieve by the end of 2017?

Tip – Make sure your goals are realistic and achievable, SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) goals. It is great to aim high but unachievable goals will be demoralising for you, for your team and everyone involved. 

Step 2 – Research & reality

In relation to your goals ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have all the skills you need to achieve your goals (This can pertain to your team as well. Do they have the skills and training to reach the goals?)
  • What is missing?
  • What will you need to achieve your goals – training, study, budget, time? (Knowing what you will need to achieve your goals will set you up for some courageous conversations in step 3.)

Tip - Be realistic and honest about where you are right now, where your team is, and what it is going to take for you to achieve your goals. 

Step 3 – Options

This is can often be the most difficult step. You will more than likely need to have courageous conversations with your manager, your team or your spouse and even yourself to establish options you have. These conversations will be difficult but are necessary to move forward. 

For example:

  • If you need to do further study to reach a goal: Can your work pay for study? Can you afford to study? Do you have the time to do it?
  • If your team needs to upskill or needs additional support: Will your company fund a training program for your team? Are you able to hire more staff? Can your company increase your budget?
  • Perhaps you are no longer feeling as challenged in your role and you need to speak to your manager about this.

Once you have had these conversations and know what your options are, it is time to plan. Book training, work out when you can bring on a new staff member, enrol in that course. 

Step 4 – Win – Win

Win-win will help you get buy-in from those who will be impacted and support your endeavours. If everyone sees how they can win from the plan they will be on board.  

Whether it is your spouse, your company, your manager or your team, their support for the plan and engagement will help you succeed. Present the benefits in a clear way.

Find the time to create your plan now, before the year speeds by. Having a strong, clear plan in place will help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Don’t know what you want or what your goals are? If you want someone to talk to about your team or career goals feel free to call our recruitment, coaching or personal branding teams.

Contact Peggy North – Coaching  on peggy@chorus-executive.com.au or (03) 9698 8717 or Christine Khor – Recruitment  on chris@chorus-executive.com.au or (03) 9698 8700  or Rebecca Ketteringham – Personal Branding  rebecca@chorus-executive.com.au or 03 9698 8709 to find out more.