Turn your team into magnets for talent

Employer branding is all about personal branding.
In our digital age, Employer Branding has never been more critical to the success and longevity of a business.  In a recent survey conducted by LinkedIn, it was found that 53% of respondents would turn down a job offer if the organisation had a reputation for poor leadership, dysfunctional teams or low job security.  In other words, companies with weak employer brands risk losing over half of their prospective candidates.  And in a tight talent market, this can make or break a business!
Successful brands start from the inside.
Marketers are skilled in crafting compelling stories for consumers to interact with company brands, however it is HR that influences the employer brand the most. In the tight talent market that we are currently in, HR professionals are realising the benefits of stronger collaboration with Marketing.  By joining forces with Marketing, HR can utilise the authentic stories of existing employees to attract new talent. 
Strengthening the collective through the individual. 
LinkedIn is a platform that gives great insights into the inner workings of a business.  Not only can it give someone official information about your company, but it can also shed light on how credible your leadership team is, how active your employees are in the industry, and the average tenure of employees in the company.  A company’s reputation is built on the individual reputations of each employee, and LinkedIn provides the stage for recommendations and testimonials to strengthen that credibility.

However, LinkedIn is something that employees are left to set up for themselves – it’s a personal profile after all. But that doesn’t mean your business can’t offer guidance and assistance to employees in order to create a win-win scenario: helping them improve their personal brand helps to strengthen your employer brand!  So it is a good idea to offer your teams guidance and training on social media and LinkedIn.  This is how your people can become powerful magnets for future hires and business leads!
Promote authenticity
Empower your team to get active online and become thought leaders in the industry.  It can be as simple as engaging with your peers and industry through discussions on LinkedIn. 

So here's a chance to start getting your Personal Brand and Employer Brand out there for talent to see: Join our discussion on our LinkedIn Company Page