How to future-proof your career in times of change

They say the only thing constant is change, and nothing changes more than our globalised economy. With Forbes recently reporting that Australia is one of seven countries “most likely to suffer a debt crisis” within the next three years, businesses could be facing another period of economic instability, which as we know, can mean company restructures and some big changes ahead.

Here’s our advice on what you can do during times of change and restructure to future-proof your career.

Understand what is happening. 
Though change to our workplace can be outside of our control, understanding the key drivers for the change can help us accept it and even embrace it. So ask your manager questions to understand the situation and the strategy your business is undertaking.

Don’t play the blame game.
While you should be able to ask questions, you cannot expect your manager to have all the solutions. Remember, your manager is being affected by the changing circumstances just as much as you are.  So try and refrain from pointing fingers or engaging in negative chatter. 

Take control of what you can control.  
While you may not be able to control, you can control how you respond to it. Nail down your plan; if you stay with your current business, what will this look like? Do you even want to stay? If you go, what does this look like? Will you find another job in the same industry or try something else?  Explore your options, update your CV and ready your networks. 

Add value.  
In the face of possible redundancy, you can either disengage, or you can jump into action and stack the deck in your favour.  Increase your value to the company by offering to take charge of a problem and find a solution. Take some creative problem-solving ideas to your manager and show them that you are there to help. Worst case scenario is that you may still be made redundant; but at least your manager can speak highly of your energy, commitment and value when it comes to giving you a reference.

Anxiety in times of change is natural, however by holding ourselves accountable for how we process and act on change, we are able to better accept it. 

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