Hire for passion and reap the rewards

The saying ‘love is the opposite of laziness’ is one of my favourite expressions, and it has enormous relevance in the workplace.

In fact, it’s the central idea behind my new book, Hire Love: How to hire passionate people to make greater profit, which includes lots of stories and practical advice for organisations wanting to reach new levels of success.

So what’s it all about?

Well, during my 15 years in recruitment, I’ve interviewed literally thousands of candidates – most of whom where smart and talented people, with impressive CVs and good interviewing skills; I’ve also learnt that to achieve a successful placement, those things alone are not enough.

In Hire Love, I explain that a key ingredient to recruitment and business success is to attract, hire and engage people who genuinely love their role, and are truly committed to the values and purpose of the organisation for which they work.

It’s clear that those who have passion and purpose will work harder, be more innovative, release more discretionary effort and help generate more business profits. It’s the positive energy these people bring that can transform ordinary businesses into high-performance, world-class companies. 

The big question for organisations is:  how do you attract, hire and retain passionate people?

One of the key themes I cover in Hire Love is the importance of having a clear and purposeful vision and defined values, backed by an authentic commitment to action.

With these in place, you can set about finding and fostering people who not only meet the required skillset, but who are also aligned with – and passionately committed to – the goals, values and purpose of your organisation; the type of people who will move mountains for you and your business.

Of course, there’s a whole lot more to assessing, recruiting, on-boarding and engaging the right people, which is why I decided to share Chorus Executive’s unique methodology.  Hire Love will guide you through the recruitment process, from turning your business into a magnet for talented, passionate people, right through to harnessing the power of passion in your organisation to maximise your success and profitability.  

I’d love you to read it!

Also, 20% of the profits from the book will be donated to The Hunger Project.

Hire Love: How to hire passionate people to make greater profit by Christine Khor is available now in print and e-book form. To order, please click here