The Founder of Dermalogica would find it difficult to be hired by another Australian company. What?

Today is Day 2 on Necker Island and our first speaker of the day was the amazing Jane Wurwand.  Again, I will be quick as drinks are being served in the crocodile pool shortly but I did wan't to share some of what I have learned today. Jane is one half of the husband and wife team who created the brand and company Dermalogica. From humble beginnings, after all most businesses have humble beginnings, Dermalogica is now a household name and sold in over 80 countries around the world.

Jane shared many of her business and personal insights, which I will share in later articles, but one key thing was the obsession with skills and education over aptitude, passion and purpose.  At lunch Jane and I discussed that, because she doesn't have a "degree" it would be difficult for her to get a job in many Australian companies today.  She laughed and said "I probably couldn't get a corporate job in America either!".  Although she is sure she could pick up a a salon pretty quickly.

The three speakers today all spoke about the importance of passion, behaviours, values and fit - skills and previous industry experience are secondary.

With the talent shortage and the need for business performance isn't it time to start thinking about the recruitment process differently?

I will leave you with that thought as I head off to meet tonight's speakers.