Top skills marketers need in 2014

Two years ago I wrote about the top skills required to succeed in marketing in 2012. Though the same skills remain imperative, there has been an emergence of other sought-after skills for marketing professionals to have in their arsenal for 2014. 

Here are some of the top skills businesses will be looking for in the year ahead: 

1. The Storyteller
Marketers need to influence internal teams to engage with a brand story, just as much as they need to influence external consumers to buy the brand. Using storytelling devices such as analogies and anecdotes allows marketers and salespeople to respond intuitively to the market, and connect to customers on an emotional level. 

2. The Innovator
Organisations are seeing the benefits of identifying potential in junior recruits, nurturing them into great leaders for the long term. The most appealing of junior to mid-level talent for leadership development are those who demonstrate a flair for innovation coupled with strong commercial acumen. 

3. The Data Savvy Marketer
Analysing data is one thing – understanding what it means for a business is another. Employers are looking for talent who can take big data, understand the impact it has on what they are trying to achieve and make a clear plan based on the results. 

4. Shopper Marketing and the Consumer Psychologist
Understanding the psychology behind consumer behaviour will be a valuable skill in 2014. Currently in high demand are people who can influence buyer behaviour and harness the subtleties of shopper marketing, applying it to the planning and execution of campaigns. 

5. The Strong Leader
As retention becomes more of an issue for Australian organisations, businesses are seeking leaders who can inspire, motivate and develop their teams so that productivity and morale remain high. 

6. The Curious
Forbes has reported that intellectual curiosity is one of the top five personality traits most sought after by employers – and there is a good reason for this. Intellectual curiosity aids problem solving and with the rapid evolution of business and technology, it enhances one’s ability to adapt quickly to ‘the new’.

To learn more about the blend of functional and soft skills employers are seeking in 2014, check out my blog on Marketing Magazine